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Increase Rental Property Value with Summer Jobs

By Donna Jones

Completing summer jobs at your rental property can help improve its value, attract (and retain) good tenants, and in some cases justify rent increases. Here are five jobs to consider carrying out at your investment property this summer.

1. Install a new letterbox or give the standing one a tidy-up.

Often overlooked by landlords is the state of their rental property’s letterbox. A clean and tidy letterbox with clear numbering forms part of potential tenants’ all-important first impression when they view your property. It’s also a simple, yet key element of the property’s aesthetic.

Assess your current letter box and decide whether buying and installing a new one or refurbishing the old one is the best approach. If buying new, choose one that suits the look of the home and surrounds — if it’s a lovely urban weatherboard home don’t get a plastic barrel letterbox more suited to a rural driveway!

Applying a fresh lick of paint to an existing wooden letterbox can create an excellent finishing detail for the property.

2. Paint or restain the fence

Continuing the street appeal theme and complementing the new letterbox is the task of painting or restaining the fence at your rental property. This can be a real head-turner as well as helping your existing or new tenants be house-proud and stay on for longer, reducing your turnover costs.

Doing it yourself can keep costs down while making use of the plethora of tutorial videos and blogs out there. Or, if you’re time poor you can get the professionals in to make light work of it.

3. What’s the outdoor furniture situation?

Some functional outdoor furniture can help tenants make the most of the summer sunshine at your investment property. If there’s already outdoor furniture present, check the condition and decide if refurbishment or replacement is needed.

If you have tenants but no outdoor furniture, consider chatting with them about the purchase to get their input. Look at your local hardware store or furniture retailer for new table and chair sets, or Trade Me for the used route — just be confident about the condition of the items before you make payment… there’s no substitute for viewing them in the flesh!

4. Restain the deck

Investment properties blessed with a timber deck are a real selling point for tenants but are commonly left by landlords to ride the road to ruin. Restaining timber decks every three to five years will rejuvenate them, bringing them back to life and helping justify (or increase) weekly rents.

A thorough clean and restain of your deck isn’t rocket science and will make the outdoor area highly inhabitable for several years to come.

5. Painting your rental property

Painting your rental property, either internally or externally, can really add value to the home.

For interior surfaces let the level of wear and tear be your guide as to when is the right time to paint — if there are holes in walls or damage that requires repair, this work can be coupled with a repaint and potentially colour change.

External walls should be cleaned well to determine the true condition of the paint. Removing built-up grime may be all that’s required to have the house looking spiffing again. If things are more dire, then consider repainting the home while it’s vacant or your tenants are on their summer holiday.

This comprehensive article covers various points about painting your rental property.

Talk to us about your plans

As experienced property managers we have an excellent handle on what Christchurch rental tenants like, and which summer jobs can help provide continued return on investment from your rental property.

Give us a call to talk through your plans to maintain and improve your investment property, and we’ll help you get the ball rolling.


‘Man Painting a House’ by Craig Adderley from Pexels

‘Dog Inside Mailbox’ by Noelle Otto from Pexels

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