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The Value of an Experienced Property Manager

By Kate Major

In a previous post we covered whether paying property management fees is worth it, covering key benefits of professional property management services and the reality of forgoing these to do the job yourself.

This month we’re looking at how a good Christchurch property manager can add value for both landlords and tenants — providing a more carefree and financially rewarding experience for landlords, and a more attentive, knowledgeable, and experienced support person for tenants.

Here are just five of the many elements that make up our value-adding property management service.

1. Minimal vacancy periods

When an investment property is vacant the rental income stream dries up. At best this simply means no revenue is generated for the landlord and at worst it means the landlord must cover any mortgage payments and related costs in their entirety, themselves.

Our service offers minimised vacancy periods to provide maximum rental income and investment property value for landlords.

Our industry-leading tenant booking, viewing and application systems ensure fast turnarounds, while our tenant selection and vetting processes and skills gained through sheer volume of real-life experiences help place reliable tenants.

We also cast a wider net with professional property marketing and advertising across multiple online platforms, delivering your property to more customers to create interest and demand.

2. Tenancy inspection processes with regular reports and photos

Tenancy inspections can be time-consuming for private landlords, and they’re often not recorded correctly. Most landlords lack the experience and ability of a seasoned property manager to tell general wear and tear from damage, and accidental damage from reckless or intentional damage.

We boast improved tenancy inspection processes that provide our landlords with detailed and regular tenancy condition reports and photos. These give landlords peace of mind that their property is being looked after and maintained.

3. A deep understanding and practical experience in rental legislation

Property management isn’t a part-time gig for us — it’s what we do. So, it’s only natural we know rental tenancy legislation inside out and have an abundance of practical experience dealing with related issues.

This enables us to advise landlords and tenants of their legal obligations and to complete our property management services to the letter of the law. We’re also constantly reviewing our processes to adapt and adhere to ongoing changes in legislation.

Tenancy issues where this legislative knowledge and experience is essential include:

4. Compliance

Following on from our comprehensive understanding of legislation is our ability to keep landlords and their investment property compliant at all times, reducing the risk of compliance-related issues and hefty landlord fines.

In addition to our knowledge of the issues listed above, this includes meticulous bond collection, lodgement and disbursement processes, and automatic compliance with updated record keeping laws and requirements now in place for all landlords and relating to all tenancy matters.

5. COVID-19 Resources

It’s no secret that COVID-19 had a large impact on the rental industry, with legislation being created around it. The uncertainty of operating an investment property during the pandemic can be hard to navigate for a private landlord — especially when they’re dealing with their own work situation.

McPherson Property Management are well equipped with detailed COVID-19 resources and support tools to help protect both landlords and tenants. We’re already equipped with real world experience operating our services in a pandemic and are adept at adapting to change.

A service packed with value

To learn about the many more elements of our value-adding Christchurch property management services, request a landlord information guide or get in touch with our successful team.

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