Housing shortage for tenants

ByLiam O'Boyle

There has been a lot of publicity this week about the shortage of rental stock in Christchurch.  If you missed the headlines check out the articles below

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  • Landlords Fined for Breaching New Insulation Laws

    Landlords are being taken to court by their tenants for failing to meet the new insulation regulations introduced in July. One such case sadly involved a Bay of Plenty family whose young child suffered health issues while living in their rental property, which wasn’t insulated to new standards. Why … Read more

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  • What Landlords Need to Know About the Healthy Homes Guarantee Act

    New Zealand landlords have recently been affected by legislation changes the government put in place to improve the insulation in our country’s rental housing stock. Part of the Healthy Homes Guarantee Act, these improvements were prompted by the high toll that damp, cold and mouldy rental properties are putting on … Read more

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