7 Top Tips on Modernising a Property

ByDonna Jones

Is your property looking a bit worse for wear? Does it look like it has come straight out of the 60s? It may be time to upgrade and modernise.

Modern (or upgraded) properties are more attractive to potential tenants, especially if they come with modern amenities such as insulation, heating and ventilation, aluminium joinery, and a constant source of pressurised, hot water.

Modernisation doesn’t necessarily mean having to take out another mortgage. Here are a few simple tips on modernising and upgrading a property – then just watch its popularity soar!

A lick of paint

Gone are the days of garish patterns and colours. Painting the inside and/or outside of a property not only gives it a cleaner look, but gives a modern appeal with neutral tones – save the bright colours for feature walls or accessories like pillows, throws or artwork.

With a property that looks like it is cared for, it is likely that a tenant will also treat it with respect.

The little things matter

Think light fittings and switches, door knobs, taps, and lamps or standing lights. They’re all relatively inexpensive to upgrade, extremely simple to change and can and do wonders for the overall look inside the property.

Aluminium all the way

Wooden joinery is prone to mould, bora, and a general decline over years of use.

By replacing these with aluminium joinery, this type of joinery is long-lasting, and a modern way to stop drafts and improve appeal. Aluminium joinery is strong and able to host double-glazed windows – perfect for helping to keep a property warm in the winter months and cooler in the summer.

Hit the floor

Worn-out, stained carpets are an instant turn-off.

You may find nice hard-wood floors underneath that would look great with a polish. And with the ever changing technology, many newer carpets last longer and have attributes such as being non-allergenic and resistant to stains.

New appliances

If you have the budget, refit the kitchen, bathroom and laundry. New appliances increase the value of the property, while being energy efficient and easier to use. Essential appliance upgrades include the oven, fridge, shower and washing machine.

Heating and ventilation

No one likes a cold home or running out of hot water. Assess the heating abilities of the property, noting where things can be improved and added.

If the property does not have insulation, this is a necessary addition, especially with legislative changes which make this mandatory by mid-2019.

Think about replacing a hot water cylinder with an infinity water system or gas heating.

Keep in mind ventilation too – a well-ventilated property is less prone to mould and condensation. Invest in a ducting or ventilation system that moves and replaces air, keeping it at the right temperature and removing dust and allergens from the air.

Extraction fans are great for kitchens and bathrooms where steam is most likely to occur.

Furniture and decor

If you’re renting out a furnished property, don’t forget these too – whether you take your advice from an interior designer or Pinterest, it’s time to lose those floral couches and Formica table tops. It may also just be a process of refurbishing current furnishings for a new lease of life.

A modernised property is an attractive one, and we’ll choose only the best tenants for it. Have you modernised a property or do you have any of your own tips? Tell us about it in a comment below.

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