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Common Maintenance Issues

Things To Try Before You Call Us

It is common for tenants to phone us with a maintenance problem that is easliy fixed or where there is actually no fault found.

In instances where there is no fault found by our tradesperson the invoice will be forwarded to the tenant for payment so we suggest you try a couple of things first.

My oven wont go
Many ovens these days have an automatic function. If the elements on top of the stove are working but the oven isn’t, chances are that the automatic function has been enabled accidentally. This is fixed by turning the automatic function off.

I have no hot water
Remember to check the on/off switch for the hot water cylinder, maybe someone knocked it accidentally?
If you have a smart meter for your electrical readings, phone Meridian to make sure there is no fault with that.
If your hot water is run by gas, check to make sure you have gas in the cylinders.

My shower drain is blocked
Check the drain to see if it has a removeable drain cover? A lot of modern showers have a catchment under the drain which needs to be cleaned out regularly to avoid blockages.

My waste master won’t go
Try using the reset switch (usually located under the sink), as this fixes most waste master problems.

My garage remote isn’t working
Check the batteries don’t need replacing.

My light bulbs keep blowing
Check the wattage the light bulbs you are putting in, as some fittings (like spot lights) can not handle high wattage bulbs. Try using a 40 watt bulb instead.
What type of light bulbs are you using? The cheaper brands, although they seem more cost effective will not last and can blow in a matter of days.

My fuses keep blowing
Check how much you have plugged into that circuit. Overloading them will cause them to continuously blow.

One of our appliances is not working
Do you own the appliance? The owner is only required to fix an appliance if they supplied it as part of the tenancy. They will NOT pay for your appliances to be repaired.