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Property Inspections

Ingoing and Outgoing Inspections
Before a tenancy commences we carry out a detailed condition report on the property with accompanying photos. This sets the benchmark for the tenancy and is used at the conclusion of the tenancy to assess any differences in condition in which the tenant is responsible for (excluding fair wear and tear).

Routine Inspections
During the term of the tenancy we carry out regular inspections and forward a written report with accompanying photos to both the tenant and the landlord. The first of these inspections is carried out 6 weeks after the tenancy commences and 3 monthly thereafter. This is a requirement of many insurance policies so be sure to check the wording in your policy and notify us if they require the inspections to be carried out more frequently.

The reports gives you an update on the condition of your property and may identify any maintenance work required.
Any damage identified and caused by the tenants will be repaired at the tenants expense, allowing for fair wear and tear.