Landlords information

Preparing Your Property For Rent

First impressions are the most important! The way your property is presented will help determine the rent a tenant is prepared to pay and the type of tenant who is willing to lease your property.

Here are some tips for preparing and presenting your rental property that could make the difference:

  • Paintwork – both inside and out must present well.
  • Floor coverings should be in a tidy and clean condition with carpets professionally cleaned.
  • Window coverings must be in a clean and working condition and allow adequate privacy.
  • Kitchen and bathroom facilities must be clean and in good working order.
  • The property should be odour free.
  • Fences and gates should be in good condition.
  • Lawns and gardens should be neat and tidy.
  • 3 full sets of keys are to be provided to the property (this includes every lock in the house). We are required to give the tenants at least one full set of keys, and an additional front door key to additional tenants. We retain the other set in our office for repairs and inspections.