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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose Metro Property Management?
In two words, “Experience” and “Expertise”. Our clients know that our people make the difference. Our business is owned by people who work within the team, and have done so since 1983. If you have a residential rental property, then there is no better choice than Metro Property Management. All of our team have regular training and attend seminars from leaders in the Real Estate industry.

How must my property be presented to new tenants?
As per The Residential Tenancies Act, properties must be in a clean and tidy state at the time of renting, especially the kitchen, bathrooms, windows and light fittings, gardens weeded and large trees and shrubs pruned back and the lawns mown, then this is what is noted on the entry inspection. At the end of the tenancy we expect the property to be returned in a reasonably clean and tidy condition (as per The Residential Tenancies Act), therefore we can ask, but cannot enforce, a tenant to return the property in a completely re-rentable condition.

How many keys does Metro Property Management require for my property?
Please provide three sets of keys for the property; one for the each tenant (usually two adults) and one set for our office. This ensures that if any maintenance needs to be done, or if we are scheduled to do an inspection and the tenant is unavailable to be there, this maintenance or inspection can still be carried out.

What are the kinds of tenancy agreements available?
There are two types of tenancies: fixed and periodic.
A fixed-term tenancy agreement lasts for a specified length of time, usually six or twelve months.
A periodic tenancy agreement lasts until either tenant or the landlord decides to end the tenancy. The tenant must give twenty one days written notice and the landlord must give ninety days written notice.

Is my current insurance policy enough?
As a general rule, this is not the case. Many policies do not cover issues that may arise during a tenancy. For further information, please ask your current insurance policy provider. However if your insurance provider does not have landlord cover, REAL Landlord Insurance is a great product available only to those properties managed by a professional. For more information on REAL’S policy types click here.

How long will it take to lease my property?
At Metro Property Management, our average time to lease your property varies depending on market conditions. When the presentation is at the required standard, we begin marketing your property. Unlike many other real estate companies, we have a specialised property management team who focus on finding you a qualified tenant in the quickest possible time.

When you find an applicant for my property, how do you qualify them?
We strive to provide you with the caliber of tenants that you want in your rental property. This entails an interview with one of our highly experienced senior property managers, a detailed search on the Tenancy Databases, an identification check and verification of the following:
Their current/former landlord/agent, their employment, their ability to afford the rent and all other monies payable under the tenancy agreement.
In addition to the normal financial qualifications, we always try to accommodate the housing needs of our tenants to ensure the property they rent is convenient to their work, shopping and desired school district. This will help to ensure that they will be happy tenants and remain longer in your rental property. You are made aware of all tenancy applicants interviewed and reference checked by us, with you confirming approval before any tenancy documentation is entered into.

How are rental collections handled and what happens when the tenant doesn’t pay the rent?
Our rent collection policies are as follows:
– All rents are due either weekly or fortnightly.
– If your tenant is 1-3 days late with their rent, they are personally phoned, faxed, emailed or sent a text message.
– Tenants who are 4-7 days late with their rent are sent a 10 day notice to remedy.
– If the outstanding rent has not then been paid and the tenant is now 8-14 days in arrears, we will contact you to advise you of the situation and to seek your instructions/wishes regarding possible termination of the tenancy.
– Once the tenant is 21 days late with the rent, subject to your instructions, there will be a hearing date set at the Tenancy Tribunal for a possession order.

When do I get paid and how quickly do you process the rent statements to property owners?
We pride ourselves on quick processing of rent statements. We close off our monthly accounts at the end of every month. Rent statements will be emailed the day of payment or posted to you within two working days following. Unless you instruct otherwise, your rent monies will be deposited into your bank account by electronic funds transfer (EFT). We can also arrange a mid-month payment on the 15th of each month should you request it.

Is it likely that I will need to spend money on my property while tenanted?
All properties, tenanted or not, are expected to need maintenance or repairs due to fair wear and tear sometime in the future. We will contact you if the repairs are over the amount specified by you in the management authority (usually $300). However, if the repair is serious or urgent (for example, if left it would be likely to cause injury to person or property), we will carry out the required maintenance immediately.

How often and how are property inspections conducted?
When your property is vacant, we will conduct open homes and viewings by appointment. During a tenant’s occupancy, we carry out routine inspections approximately every three months. When the tenants give notice of their intention to vacate the property we carry out a short pre-vacating inspection of the property to:
• Ensure the tenant gives the property back in the same condition they received it (fair wear and tear excepted)
• Ascertain if any essential work is required to make the property ready for re-letting.
When the tenants vacate your property, we carry out a detailed outgoing inspection. The inspection is done to ensure that the tenants return the property back to us in an acceptable condition. If damage is found or cleaning is necessary, we make the necessary deductions from the tenants’ rental bond held with Tenancy Services.

Whose responsibility is it to take tenants to mediation?
Ours. We will go on your behalf to try and sort out any problems that arise. If this reaches an unsuccessful conclusion, we will also appear on your behalf at the Tenancy Tribunal. We will, however, keep in contact with you as soon as the issue becomes apparent.

I need to view the property but it is currently tenanted, when can I see it?
As landlords, both you and Metro Property Management may enter the property, however no more than once every four weeks and we must give the tenant at least 48 hours’ notice before entering the premises.
Metro Property Management will do an inspection every three months. We do not recommend doing inspections later than this as there may be important issues undetectable by the tenant in that time.

What if I want to sell my property, can the Ray White Metro Group help?
Yes, we can help! We have some of the best real estate sales consultants in our market area to sell your property. Please note that we have a legal requirement to notify, in writing, to a tenant if a property is to be sold.